How Printing-on-Demand Works?

Companies and agencies often make use of merchandise or promotional items either for the company or for those who they represent with the company. Previously this was done with productions taking place in far Asia or locally as Bulk production.


POD (Printing-on-Demand) companies and agencies can minimize investments and reduce stock as well.  Products are customized/printed as soon as the order comes in, so only for the product which has been purchased by the customer. 


POD is combined with Drop Shipping, which means that the order is processed and shipped directly to the customer who placed the order. In this way the party making use of POD and Drop Shipping, does not need to receive the products first. 

Print-on-Demand VS Classic Production


  • No investment.
  • No stock needed.
  • No storage space needed.
  • Sell thousands of products.
  • Quickly switch between designs and as much as you want.


  • Production price slightly higher than Bulk.
  • Processing time few days longer, compared to pre-produced products.


  • Low Production Cost.
  • Processing time is faster, as goods are pre-produced.


  • Startup Investment required.
  • Storage space required.
  • Product range limited to investment budget.
  • Risking dead stock.

Some of the Companies and Agencies making use of our services